For more detailed information see the following publications

General articles:
MOONS messenger article (2020) – Instrument update (pdf)
– MOONS messenger article (2020) – Galactic Surveys  (pdf)
– MOONS messenger article (2020) – MOONRISE extragalactic survey (pdf)
– MOONS messenger article (2011) (pdf)

SPIE papers:
Overview (2018) (pdf)
Fibre positioner design (pdf)
Metrology system (pdf)
Camera design (pdf)
Fibre system design (pdf)
Instrument modelling and diffraction spike suppression (pdf)
MOONS end-to-end simulations: “Virtual MOONS” (pdf)
– Overview (2014) (pdf)

Related papers:
Path Analysis Software (pdf)

Sky subtraction methods:
FLAMES programme to investigate sky subtraction techniques (pdf)