We have lots of pictures and publicity material available for MOONS, some of which can be found on this page. If you require anything else to help present MOONS please get in touch with william.taylor@stfc.ac.uk or oscar.gonzalez@stfc.ac.uk

For more scientific resources/tools see here.

MOONS SPIE overview talk (Austin 2018)

Obviously there are loads of images on the website showing MOONS hardware, but here are some of the key images in higher resolution. If you need anything else, please get in touch.

Full instrument (jpg)

MOONS at the VLT (jpg)

The machined focal plate (jpg)

The full populated focal plane, with all the FPUs (jpg)
VLT-DWG-MON-14620-00-150-000 iso side soften copy

We currently have a few videos available for MOONS:

Link to Youtube