Combined with the power of the VLT, the unique capabilities of MOONS will provide the tools necessary to study galaxy formation and evolution over most of the history of the Universe with unprecedented accuracy.  MOONS will enable the study of the different mechanisms by which galaxies form and evolve throughout an impressive range of cosmic times, from investigating the properties of millions of stars in the centre of our own Milky Way to millions of galaxies in the early Universe.

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MOONS will play a critical role in the near-IR spectroscopic follow-up for the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Gaia mission and for other ground based optical and near-infrared imaging surveys (VISTA, UKIDSSVST, Pan-STARRS, Dark Energy Survey, LSST), as well as facilities operating at other wavelengths (ALMA, Herschel, eRosita, LOFAR, WISE, ASKAP).