Following on from a lifetime test and ‘design freeze’ review in January, the Production Readiness Review milestone for the MOONS Fibre Positioning Units was successfully passed at MPS’s factory in Biel/Bienne in March.  This is a major project success and means that manufacture of the instrument FPUs can now begin!

The MOONS and MPS teams (left to right, José Carrera, Phil Rees, Yves Moser, Steve Watson, Markus Hug and Dave Atkinson)

MPS hope to deliver the first small batch of FPUs to Edinburgh in April, so the MOONS team is now hard at work to fully commission the automated verification system in time, which will be used to test, characterised and accept the FPUs.  How this system works is a story for another blog post though…

MOONS Arm Test Assembly
The FPU lifetime test underway


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